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Mia Street, MEd

Executive Director

An award winning educator, Mia Street comes from a bloodline of educational activists and trailblazers. Her roots are embedded in the parishes of Louisiana that created the Deacons For Defense, the first Black students to force integration at La Tech University and a family that has dedicated their lives to the promise and potential of education. 

She grew up listening to stories about her grandfather, Moses Lee Osborne, who led the efforts to teach black folks in Jackson Parish, Louisiana how to read in order to prepare them to register and vote. It is no surprise that Mia’s work, inside and outside of the classroom, is rooted in this dedication to education as a tool for Liberation.

Her journey in education led her to teaching and developing culturally responsive curriculum for special needs children for nearly 20 years. Previously, Mia worked with Georgia State University and the The King Center to assist in student led events for the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. She is the founder of  Kidada Education Design LLC and Bridging The Gap Mentoring Program, a 501c3 non-profit organization.  

As a leader in education, Mia has overseen district level programming and introduced innovative initiatives to support equity for college and career readiness for margenalized students. Her work also included overseeing restorative practices and McKinney Vento programs districtwide. Throughout her years in education, she has been called on to design and facilitate professional development for educators that focuses on racial equity, implicit bias and culturally responsive teaching. Her focus has always been on increased equitable pedalogical practices and standards.

Mia has over 10 years experience in grant writing, fundraising and non profit management. She specializes in leveraging partnerships with educational agencies and industry professionals to create and develop unique educational initiatives that serve marginalized student populations. 

She currently holds the following roles:

BH365 Foundation, Executive Director

Kidada Education Design, Founder

Dallas CORE Chief Growth Officer

NAACP Texas State Education Committee Member 

BTGMP, Inc Executive Director and Founder

Mia Street is a proud member of  NAACP and sits on the NAACP Texas Education Committee as well as the former Education Chair for Dallas NAACP. She is a member ACLU Texas, American Speech and Hearing Association, National Alliance of Black School Educators, Urban League of Greater Dallas Young Professionals and The Golden Circle.

Mia Street, MEd
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