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Programs and Pillars

BH365 Education Foundation Inc. uses four program pillars of Education, Community, Scholarship and Service as a guide to the work we do.

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Program 01

Adopt A School

Through this initiative, we provide BH365 textbooks, eBooks, and resources to underserved schools and their communities. By adopting a school, we can ensure that every child has access to educational materials that celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Program 02

Black & Blue
Police Education Project

The Black & Blue Education Project goal is to foster a better understanding and promote positive change in the realm of policing. Additionally, this program provides BH365 resources to students impacted by the justice system, offering them a chance to learn and grow despite their circumstances.



  • Education – We understand that high -quality education options shape young men and women into well–rounded, well-educated individuals.

  • Community – We have a civic responsibility to educate and empower global communities to navigate challenging conversations and become critical thinkers around race and cultural diversity.

  • Scholarships – History is a rich, engaging subject that should include all to know. We will raise awareness of BH365, An Inclusive Account to American History textbook, by providing funds to deserving students and teachers.

  • Service – To equip and inspire individuals to become servant leaders within their communities through leadership development, promoting self-awareness and one’s contribution to the world.

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