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Jamie Williamson

Owner / Entrepreneur

Jamie Williamson is a dynamic professional with a 15-year track record in Construction/Rehabilitation. He is renowned for his exceptional leadership skills, successfully managing Business and Product Management, as well as Employee Engagement initiatives. 

Jamie strives to elevate all those involved to new heights of success, fostering strong connections. Driven by a thirst for personal growth and knowledge expansion, Jamie has achieved remarkable accomplishments as an alumnus of prestigious programs such as Goldman Sach's 10,000 Small Business Cohort, the renowned Beck School of Construction, and a Business Owner Master's Program. These experiences have honed his expertise and equipped him with invaluable insights that set him apart in the industry. 

 In addition to his professional achievements, Jamie exemplifies a true servant spirit by actively engaging in volunteer work within the church and local community. His dedication to making a positive impact and catalyzing meaningful change is evident through his involvement in coaching and mentoring ex-offenders reentering society through Oasis's non-profit in Dallas. 

 Jamie aggressively pursues ways to flatten the learning curves for new business leaders and entrepreneurs. As a first-generation entrepreneur, he offers simple lessons of success learned over a decade of being in business, connecting men to earn themselves prior to engaging in business and relationships through mentorship. He is also an active member of the Frisco Diversity Leadership Council. 

 As the founder and owner of Agape Construction, a LEAD-based certified firm by the EPA, Jamie leads a highly skilled team specializing in residential and commercial remodeling projects. Agape Construction boasts over three decades of expertise in both exterior and interior projects, offering services such as roofing, fencing, hardwood and tile flooring, patios, and more. Client satisfaction and exceptional craftsmanship are the guiding principles that Jamie and the Agape Construction team consistently prioritize, ensuring that every project is delivered to the highest standards.

While Jamie's professional achievements are impressive, his largest accomplishment to date is being a loving husband and servant leader, a devoted father of four, and a proud grandfather.

Jamie Williamson
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