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Bukekile Dube

Owner and CEO

Bukekile Dube, a proud native of Harare, Zimbabwe, brings a wealth of diverse experiences and an unwavering commitment to empowering under-served communities. Moving to Dallas as a teenager 19 years ago, she quickly immersed herself in community engagement and has since become an esteemed member of the RESULTS Dallas chapter, joining on November 1, 2017.

With a remarkable 10-year career in finance spanning the banking and oil and gas industries, as well as business consulting in Cape Town, South Africa, Bukekile's determination to bridge the gap for women in her community became evident. Seeking to harmonize her personal corporate success with the limited opportunities available to underrepresented women in Dallas, she pursued a Masters of International Affairs degree with a focus on Economic and Political Development at Columbia University.

Not content with merely academic achievements, Bukekile has taken on various leadership roles within her community. She founded the DFW Pan African Network, a platform dedicated to advocating for and uplifting African cultures. Additionally, she established the Indibano Art Residency program, providing opportunities for emerging African artists to showcase their work.

In recognition of her invaluable insights and expertise, Bukekile serves on the advisory boards of Impact City Dallas and Miles of Freedom, organizations dedicated to driving positive change in their communities. Furthermore, she is the esteemed owner and CEO of New Horizon Homes, a senior assisted living company based in Dallas.

Beyond her professional and community achievements, Bukekile is an avid explorer, cherishing the experiences gained through her travels. Passionate about contemporary African art, she devotes her free time to in-depth research in this field. Additionally, she is an avid reader of fiction written by individuals of color, seeking to amplify diverse voices and narratives.

Bukekile Dube embodies the values championed by the Black History 365 Education Foundation Inc. Her unwavering dedication to empowering individuals, fostering critical thinking, respectful communication, and devising actionable solutions align seamlessly with their mission. As a valuable addition to the advisory board, Bukekile is poised to make significant contributions in shaping cutting-edge resources that promote inclusivity, empowerment, and transformative learning experiences for under-served communities. 

Bukekile Dube
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